It’s buh-bye to the evil Raleigh and his Angels. Good riddance! 👊

Firing Squad
Cameo by Bill Nighy as Dr. Hardy
“I ought to fire every single one of y’all! ” Dr. Hardy declared, glaring at Raleigh and his angels who feigned remorse. “Aye, everyone….’cept er.” Martin interrupted, before pointing out to Deirdre. Everyone, including Deirdre, were taken aback by his statement. “What d’you mean, except er? She’s equally responsible. Ya can’t go soft on er! ” Dr. Wartenberg disagreed with him, eyeing him suspiciously. “No, she isn’t. Those cookies were genuine sympathy cookies. She’s not like these….these phonies! ” he justified. “Besides, she’s just hangin out with em cuz she’s just tryin to fit in.” he continued. “Is this true, Dr. Sultani? ” Dr. Hardy asked for confirmation. “Yea…I guess I was. I mean, when I first arrived here, they both seemed like friendly women….An’ Professor Raleigh agreed to help me out by funding my  research. I didn’t find out about their idea stealing ways until much later, an’ I tried to report em, ya know, be a whistleblower an’ all….but, Professor Raleigh threatened to stop the funding. I’m sorry, Dr. Hardy.” she confessed, while her so-called friends looked at her in horror. “Well, ya can’t fire me. I’ve got a wife an’ child to support.” Professor Raleigh pleaded. “Well, according to Jenny, ya live alone with yer two cats- Custard an’ Mustard, ya liar! ” a grinning Martin interrupted, to his embarrassment. “Ya wanna fire someone, ya should fire that nosy janitor! ” he suggested. “Why? Bein nosy ain’t a crime, is it? ” Jenny asked, suddenly appearing at the doorway and peeping in and taking everyone by surprise! “Were ya standin out there the entire time an’ listenin in on us? ” Madeleine asked, seeming nervous by her presence. “None o’ yer business, Barbie.” the feisty redhead snapped. “Anyway….back to ya, Professor Raleigh. I’ve also received these sexual harassment cases against ya in the past….” Dr. Hardy continued, ignoring their petty argument. “Eww! What’d ya do, ya sick freak?! ” the curious janitor interrupted, yet again! “Well, what he did is serious enough to get him fired! By the way, ya two are fired as well! I don’t want either of y’all to step foot in my lab ever again.” he finally decided, to cheers from Dr. Wartenberg, Alice and Martin and a sigh of relief from Deirdre, who flashed a grateful smile at Martin. “Yer gonna pay.” a fuming Anita muttered to Martin, before they left.

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