To celebrate reachin 100 followers (yay me! 😘) an’ also in order not to leave y’all hangin an’ worryin bout Matt’s fate, here’s the new chapter. Happy reading!

He wakes up
They’d been taken unawares as a missile from the enemy had destroyed their entire camp, claiming many of his comrades’ lives. He’d ended up with serious injuries and was in a coma. A distraught Alice and Martin waited by his bedside for some good news. “Alice, you’ve been up all night. Why dontcha go home an’ I’ll stay ere? ” he suggested, sitting beside her. “No…It’s ok.” she whispered, her teary eyes ringed with dark circles. “Fine. At least have some coffee.” he offered, holding out the cup of steaming hot coffee that he’d bought. “I’m fine actually. You drink it.” she refused politely, before reaching out and giving her comatose husband’s arm a squeeze. “Well, I’m not makin that mistake! I’ve had the hospital’s bland food before. I’m not takin chances with the coffee, which I imagine tastes worse!” he joked, in a bid to lighten her mood.  She didn’t even smile, instead hot tears streamed down her cheeks as she broke down, uncertain about her husband. “Oi, look at me. I need ya to remain strong, kay?” he advised, placing the cup aside before turning his attention to her, lifting her chin up with a finger to face him. “H…how can I, huh? I dunno if he’s gonna wake up…or not!” she cried out, burying her tearful face into his jacket. He hugged her, caressing her hair and planting a kiss on the top of her head. “He’s gonna wake up. That bastard’s not goin anywhere. I know im. He’s too strong to give up! He may be built like a matchstick….But, believe me, he’s strong! ” he exclaimed, comfortingly. “I’m…the…the one….who’s….built….like…a, uhh…m…matchstick?! ” they heard his faint voice stutter, as they watched him gradually open his eyes. “We need someone in ere! He’s awake! ” Martin called out ecstatically, while a relieved Alice planted a kiss on a weak-looking Matt’s cheek, as tears of joy streamed down her cheeks.

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