A backstory for Martin, which forms the story of the sequel to this book, titled It’s Timey wimey nonsense!

Memories of lost love

Cameo by Kate Beckinsale as Kelly Rowling

Kelly Rowling, Martin's lady-love

A drunk Martin collapsed onto his bed. He usually slept like a log, especially when if he was drunk, since the alcohol lulled him to sleep. But tonight was different. He was disturbed by dreams from his past:
He slid his hand down Kelly’s exposed back while she clung to his jacket while they slow danced. The brave girl had risked the cold to wear a backless gown which she’d requested her mum to send over especially for the RAF ball. They kissed intimately, before he pulled her outside. “Kelly, I’ve somethin to ask. I know we’ve been goin out for only a few months….An’ I know if somethin happens to either o’ us….” he began, before his hurt girlfriend shushed him with her finger pressed against his lips. “What I’m sayin is, before we go off to war again, I’d like it if ya made me the happiest man. At least, then I’d be at peace knowin that Kelly Robin Rowling said yes. Will ya be my bride, love? ” he asked. She agreed with a toothy smile, beaming with pride at the sight of his grandma’s ring which he’d always carried with him in the hope of finding the right girl. And now he had, and he wasn’t wasting any time in slipping the ring onto her finger. “Now, I won’t have to haunt ya! ” he joked, before she let out a laugh, losing no time in pushing her fiance against the wall while they snogged and she showered his neck with kisses.
Suddenly, he was back in the war zone and was yet again witnessing in horror as her plane exploded and she was ejected out. He was shot outta the sky too and plummeted after her. He heard a rip from his chute before he landed beside her on the hard ground. Her chute had failed to open and she’d fallen through the green canopy of trees, thwacked about by the rough branches as she fell. Her bun had come undone and leaves and twigs were stuck in her tangled blonde hair. Her helmet lay a few feet from her unconscious body. Through some miracle, the bruised and bloodied girl was still breathing. He attempted to crawl towards her to tend to her, but his badly injured knees made it impossible to even crawl. He reached out his trembling hand to clasp her limp hand. The clear diamond in the ring was stained red. He passed out from the pain of his injuries. He woke up in the hospital. He cried himself to sleep on hearing that she’d been declared KIA and her body had been shipped off back to her dad in London.
He woke up with a start and quickly reached out for the bottle of scotch which he always kept on his coffee table. He quickly gulped down the contents, hoping that consuming more alcohol would lull him to sleep and keep the flashbacks at bay. It did the trick and he fell fast asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.


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