Kay, am turnin in 4 the night, since I’ve got a computer + a psychology exam 2 tackle in the morrow. But, be4 that, ere’s another chapter 🍪

Cookies, coke and cunningness
“We’re sooo sorry to hear about yer hubby, Dr. Evanston!” Anita, the conniving microbiologist exclaimed with a pout.  “Soooo sorry! ” Madeleine, the doll-faced geneticist seconded. “We baked ya these cookies, sweety.” the innocent-looking biotechnologist Deirdre (who was of Indian descent and was once a misfit just like Alice) offered. “I’ll take those, thank ya very much! ” a protective Martin interrupted, snatching the tray from her and wolfing down a few of the chocolaty treats. “Was starvin!” he exclaimed with a toothy, chocolate stained grin, before leaning back into the chair in a relaxed manner. “Long day, scrubbin Petri dishes, I s’posse? ” a mean Professor Raleigh asked in an insulting tone. “Aye, exactly! I’ll have that! ” he replied with a proud grin, before reaching up to grab the Coke from the annoyed Professor’s hand, spilling some of it on his expensive looking suit in the process! “That was for yer sister in law, actually.” a fuming Professor Raleigh muttered. “Looks like yer slippin, Raleigh! If you’d done yer background check…. like ya do on every other person who’s arse ya wanna kiss….you’d know that my dear sis ere only drinks health drinks an’ the occasional cup o’ decaffeinated coffee.” he shot back, with a knowledgeable grin. “Just ignore im, Raleigh. He’s just a big show off. Believe me, I dated im….an’ I regret it! ” Madeleine calmed the insulted Professor down, while shooting daggers at a pleased Martin. “Maddie, ya could make a profit as a walkin,talkin Barbie doll….what with yer blonde locks an’ plastic smile! ” he mocked on overhearing her comment. He snickered shamelessly, as she rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at him. “Wait a min….you an’ Maddie? You guys were a couple?” Alice interrupted. “Well…I dumped er after the first date. She asked me to move in with er….on the first date! Hence the moniker- Needy Maddie! ” he recounted, coolly. “Oh, bugger off!” an insulted Madeleine cried out, before leaving in a huff. “An’ you! Yer just a soulless person, arentcha? All the layers o’ make-up ya put on aren’t gonna hide the fact that yer a cold, heartless strumpet who married for wealth, had yer wealthy husband killed off and then covered it up by sleepin with a bunch o’  lawyers an’ then got a job ere by sleepin with sweet ol scumbag Raleigh ere!” he rattled off, before a embarrassed Anita scurried off, avoiding the gaze of everyone in the cafeteria who were now listening in with rapt attention! Raleigh hurried behind to console her. He finally turned his attention to Deirdre who had been a silent spectator to it all and had a nervous gaze fixed at the fiery tongued Scotsman . “Deirdre, my dear….I dunno how ya got together with these devilish people, but I advise ya to find better friends.” he advised, tsk-tsking as she followed Raleigh and the rest of the angels out of the cafeteria. “They were just asking me how work on the serum was going along.” Alice revealed. “Don’t tell em a thing. They’re vile idea snatchers! ” he warned. “Ok, I won’t. Was all that true? ” a stunned Alice asked, watching as the embarrassed group tucked tail and ran. “I dunno! I heard it all from Jenny the janitor! ” he replied, calmly sipping on his Coke, before helping himself to a large half of her tuna sandwich.
What the...?! What’re ya doin ere?! ” he cried out suspiciously, on seeing a sly Madeleine standing tiptoe to reach the top shelf of the cabinet in the lab, where Dr. Wartenberg kept his diary! “I was j…just borrowing…this.” she lied, removing the diary from its place on the shelf. “Borrowing? More like stealing! The doctor doesn’t let anyone touch his diary, so give it ere! ” he ordered. “Get outta my way an’ no-one gets hurt, skinny boy! ” she ordered, refusing to hand it over. “Was that a threat? C’mere, you! ” he exclaimed, rushing at her to snatch the diary from her. She made a run for it, but he was faster, catching hold of her and preventing her from escaping. She held the diary up, away from him as he held her tightly around the waist. “Lemme go….or I’ll scream! ” she warned, thrashing about. “Fine. Scream! Go ahead! ” he ordered bravely, before she let out a ear splitting scream, which brought Dr. Wartenberg and Alice running. “Martin, how bout some discretion the next time ya decide to have yer sexual rendezvous at the workplace! ” Dr. Wartenberg cried out in disgust, misinterpreting the situation. “What?! Ugh….no, Doc….
She was tryin to steal yer diary! ” he defended his actions, letting her go, before snatching the diary back from the scowling lady. “Well done, my boy! You! Follow me. I’m gonna have a talk with yer leader, Professor Raleigh.” Dr. Wartenberg declared, storming out after thanking a proud Martin. A grateful Alice hugged him.


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