Introducing Raleigh an’ his Angels, who as you’ll see in this chapter an’ in the upcoming chapters are….well, uhh…not quite likable! 😈

Raleigh and his Angels being booed by Jenny the janitor

Pity party
The next morning at work:
“Look at that vulture an’ his band o’ trollops! ” an observant Jenny muttered in disgust, leaning her chin against her mop handle as she fixed her eyes on Alice who was sitting at her table in the cafeteria…although not alone. Martin, who was on his lunch break and had struck up a friendship with the gossipy janitor ,followed her gaze to see the cunning Professor Raleigh and the equally cunning trio of Maddie, Deirdre and Anita AKA Raleigh’s angels as they were known by all those who knew them, flocking around and chatting up his sister-in-law. They were known to steal formulas for new serums from fellow scientists, develop them themselves, before patenting them and making a fortune on stolen ideas. Though FDA approval took a long time, Professor Raleigh had so many contacts that he could get it done in a blink of an eye! With the right contacts, he was also able to get all the lawsuits that were filed against him by the furious scientists tossed outta court. In his short time there, even Martin knew about the vile man’s misdeeds and he didn’t trust him or his angels one bit……especially around a vulnerable Alice. “Look at em, with their phony smiles and equally phony looks o’ concern!” Jenny grunted. “Pathetic! ” he muttered, with a frown. “Tell me about it! All these years she was invisible an’ now that she’s goin through somethin tragic an’ is at her most vulnerable, they swoop in! Pretendin to be her friends, comforters, an’ what not!” the red haired woman agreed, nodding her head of disbelief. “I’ve gotta stop this! They’re obviously up to no good! ” a distrustful Martin declared, quickly making his way to their table.

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