Due to the good response the first two chapters received, here’s the next one (if you’re familiar with the telly show Takin over the asylum, u might spot a reference to it in here. If you’re not, I suggest u check the show out on YouTube cuz it’s brilliant an’ has a BAFTA-worthy performance from a goofy young David Tennant:)) Anyway, happy reading!

Working side by side
“Dude, ya could try to show up punctually for once.” Alice scolded, as her brother in law finally showed up at the lab. “I don’t have to conform to the vagaries o’ time an’ space, ya know? ” he boasted, coolly. “Here are your samples, Dr. Wartenberg.” she said as she set down the box of vials on the table next to the old man who was busy jotting down something in his old torn diary. “I’ll start centrifuging the samples, Dr. Wartenberg.” she whispered, not wanting to disturb him, while he waved her off. “You know, I don’t expect much outta you Americans….” she heard him confess in his usual gruff voice. “Aww…great! The bashing o’ the Americans began early today, eh? ” Martin interrupted sarcastically, as he pulled on his gloves and picked up a sponge. “….but, you…you astound me, Dr. Evanston. You are a brilliant young lady.” he praised, ignoring Martin. “Thank you, Dr. Wartenberg.” she thanked, blushing with pride. “I can’t say the same about him though.” the elderly scientist muttered, glaring at Martin who was busy scrubbing the Petri dishes at a nearby sink. “Well, I don’t consider myself as a brilliant young lady either, doctor! ” he retorted jokingly on overhearing his comment, before proceeding to calmly whistle the Doctor Who theme as he worked. His amused sister in law suppressed a chuckle.

*👇P.S. This is the reference I was talkin bout. His character, Campbell Bain from the show ‘Takin over the asylum’ says it. Of course, this was waaaay before he portrayed the lovable time travelling Doctor:

David Tennant as Campbell Bain


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