As promised, here’s chapter 2:

Off to work


The next morning:
Matt would be returning to the battlefield two days later, but for now he was living in the moment, cuddling with Alice. The busy couple had to settle for a stay at home honeymoon. “Two more days before I go off to war again. I don’t want this moment to end. I wish we could cuddle all day.” he whispered, running his finger up her thigh while she rested her head on his bare chest and hummed in agreement. “Unfortunately, I’ve gotta go. Dr. Wartenberg’s gonna throw a fit. We’re workin on this new serum, ya know? It’s like Nobel prize stuff, ya know? It could change life as we know it….that’s all I can say! It’s pretty top secret stuff too.” she explained, tracing circles on his bare body as she spoke. “Glad yer havin fun, love.” he exclaimed, listening intently. “Unfortunately, that’s the only part of my job that’s fun. I mean, I still don’t fit in. Drop by at lunchtime an’ you’ll see me sitting by myself at a corner table at the cafeteria. I mean, is it the accent? I mean I watch Downton Abbey, man. I think I can do a British accent, spot on….I guess….” she confessed, frowningly. “Oh…really? I’d like to hear what you’ve got.” he challenged. “All right, here goes….Ello, guv’nor! How was that? ” she attempted, sitting up. “Ya had me at ello! ” he teased, pulling her back into a sleeping position before they snuggled up together, tangling up in the covers in the process. “Look at me….boring you with my silly problems an’ science stuff. Dude, you fight wars. You’ve got waaay more problems than making friends an’ waaay more adventures than I do in that silly lil lab! ” she muttered, feeling selfish. “No. I love listening to yer sciency-wiency stuff, love! ” he exclaimed in a muffled voice, while showering his giggling wife’s neck with kisses. “I really have to go though, honey. I’ll see ya later. I’ll pick up your favorite…uh, ya know that dish with the sausages an’ potatoes an’ gravy…from, uh, that place….the names escape me!” she promised, untangling herself from the covers and rolling out of bed before dressing up. “Bangers an’ mash from Breakfast Club? ” he corrected, suppressing a laugh. “Yup! That’s it! See, how could I forget that?! I mean, The Breakfast Club was only the best movie ever back home in America! I’m a complete misfit here! ” she complained, plopping down on the bed again. “Love, you don’t have to try so hard to fit in. You’re my misfit an’ I love you, kay? ” he comforted, sitting next to her as she fidgeted about with her shoe straps, feeling sorry for herself. “I love you too, honey.” she whispered, lighting up as he pecked her on the nose
He decided to watch telly, finding nothing better to do or no-one better to talk to ,other than Martin who’d crashed on their couch due to a hangover. “Two more peaceful days.” he sighed, flipping through the channels.  “Seriously?! It’s 10 in the morning! ” he exclaimed, as Martin handed him a beer, before plopping down on the couch beside him. “What? Ya never had a beer for breakfast before? ” Martin mocked, putting his feet up on the table in a relaxed manner. “Oi! Quit copyin me! ” he scolded, as his brother did the same in a coordinated manner just to annoy him. He let out a childlike snicker, before sipping his beer. “Geez! Yer so childish! I hope ya go off to war soon! ” Martin teased, before letting out a snicker off his own. “So, heard ya got a new job at the lab? ” Matt enquired. “Aye! Yer wife hooked me up. I wash test tubes an’ Petri dishes for that ol codger, Wartenberg. Pretty dangerous stuff. Ya never know what yer gonna catch from those contaminated things! ” he muttered, acting like a big shot. “Aren’t ya s’possed to be up to yer neck in soap suds an’ salmonella, right about now? ” Matt reminded, glancing at the wall clock. “I’m doin an experiment o’ my own. I wanna see how long they can survive without me washin their precious apparatus for em! ” he joked, glugging down the beer before heading for the door.


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