So, I’ll be posting chapters from my sci-fi book, It’s Sciency Wiency stuff! (Currently published on wattpad an’ booksie). I hope you’ll like it:)

Cover page
Main cast members

Cast members:
Rooney Mara as Dr. Alice Evanston
Matt Smith as Matthew O’Reilly, a wheelchair-confined soldier
David Tennant as Martin O’Reilly, Matthew’s older brother/ former fighter pilot
John Hurt as Dr. Wartenberg

Cameos by:
Chris O’Dowd as Prof. Raleigh Chamberlain
Catherine Tate as Jenny the janitor
Georgia Moffett as Dr. Madeleine Tenner AKA Needy Maddie, Debbie Chazen as Dr. Anita McIntosh and Oona Chaplin as Dr. Deirdre Sultani (AKA Raleigh’s angels)
Billie Piper as herself

The Wedding


Matthew smiled as his grinning brother/best man handed him the ring which he then placed on his blushing wife’s finger. The couple had met while he was stationed in Africa and she was a research scientist there. It was love at first sight. How lucky I am to have met ya, love! He thought to himself as he leaned in to kiss her to the applause of family and friends.
“You know, you should find a wife for yourself….Ya know, before it’s too late an’ you start goin bald like uncle Pat.” the concerned brother suggested at the wedding reception. Even though it was Martin’s brotherly duty to look out for his younger brother, Matt always found himself cleaning up after his big brother’s messes! “I dunno if I can love again….not since Billie dumped me.” Martin muttered dramatically, staring off into the distance solemnly. “Right, yeah….the celeb blonde who stomped on my poor brother’s heart. I told ya about Billie Piper, didn’t I, love? ” Matt reminded Alice. “Yup. How is it that they met again? ” she asked, staring amusingly at the lovestruck man who was now staring at a crowd of fans who’d thronged the actress (whom Martin had insisted on inviting, since it was obvious he wasn’t over her yet!) “Ya know, before I joined the army I worked as a stuntman an’ casanova ere was a slacker. I was tryin to find im a job cuz he was kicked outta the RAF for drug use, he found Billie, they struck up a friendship an’ presto! They wound up gettin married….an’ divorced soon after! ” he replied. “Aye….she was the one who got away! ” a romantic Martin whispered, longingly. “Again, dontcha mean, stomped on your heart? ” Matt corrected, as his wife shook her head in disbelief. “Aww…shut up! Ya dunno a thing about romance! Look at that! I’m wavin at er an’ she won’t even look at me….makin that I’ve never met ya in my life face o’ hers….Classic Billie! That means she wants me even more! I’m gonna go say hi! ” a desperate Martin exclaimed with a toothy grin, running off before the newly wed couple could stop him from pulling off some silly, romantic gesture in a bid to impress his clearly uninterested former lady love.

More chapters coming soon!


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