Happy Three kings feast to my fellow Goans

The beautiful chapel of Our Lady of Remedies as seen from below and at sunset:


The Three young Kings waiting eagerly at St. Thomas church, Cansaulim before heading up (I like to watch em from my balcony as they pass through our village with all the fanfare):

The Reis Magos church, Verem. The feast is celebrated here as well:

So, 2moro is sixth Jan. It’s a day o’ rejoicing for the people of North Goa as well as South Goa ( my village, Cansaulim along with the villages of Chandor and Verem) as we celebrate the feast of the Three Kings or the Three Magi who followed a 🌟 to see the birth o’ our saviour. 2moro, the people o’ Cansaulim gather atop the Cuelim hill to pray at the chapel of Our Lady of Remedies (A Nossa Senhora dos Remedios in Portuguese), famously known as the Three kings chapel. The chapel’s decorated marvellously an’ a fair comes up with stalls selling everythin from farm equipment to foodstuff to clothes. Ya can find people an’ pilgrims from all walks o’ life! There’ll be a big Eucharistic mass, followed by the crowning of three young kings (they’re actually young boys from the villages of Cansaulim, Cuelim and Arrosim who grow out their hair especially for this occasion) who then ride down the hill on horses and through their respective villages followed by crowds of people and a brass band.
There are many funny stories told by our elders about this tradition. I like the one about how a horse suddenly went wild once and galloped straight into the village pond, rider and all! There’s another version about the king riding a bufallo which decided to cool itself in the pond, with the baffled rider still on it! 😆
There are some stories though which I just despise…especially the one spun by tourist guides about the chapel being haunted by King Shivaji’s army and what not! Many websites describe it as India’s most haunted (not most holy ,but most haunted?! ) place and that anyone who stays up there after 7 pm is dead meat! Pffft! 👎It’s led to the chapel being known as a haunted house, instead of a holy place (some vandal actually wrote Beware! Haunted house! on a sign board outside it! That deeply saddened me.) Well, it’s all bogus! Believe me, I’ve been up there for choir practise waaaay past 7 pm an’ all I saw were tourists canoodling….an’ btw, I’m still alive! 🙄
Besides, as long as that chapel’s up there and Our Lady’s watching o’er us, no bloody ghost’s gonna mess with ya….So, c’mon o’er an’ celebrate the feast with us. To all my fellow Goans, happy feast! 💙👑👑👑🎊
P.S. The Three young Kings ride down a steep slope and the view from atop the slope is just amazing! I clicked this photo last year as I climbed down the slope. Green fields and the neighboring villages, beautiful, innit? :
Clicked this photo from my balcony this year. The lucky young boy who’s king for a day passes by our house, riding back home for a celebration with his friends an’ family:


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