Another must watch


This isn’t a movie review. I’m not a really good reviewer/critic (I tend to give everythin 5 stars actually! 😁) This is just a post about a movie that truly moved me- Spanglish. I’d never heard about it until it showed up on Comedy Central last night. An’ since it starred Adam Sandler (I dunno why people despise him an’ his movies. He seems like a fun guy an’ his movies lift me up when I’m blue an’ make me roar even at his silly,ridiculous jokes! 😇) I expected slapstick! But it wasn’t a slapstick comedy. In fact, it was a beautiful story about the bond between mums an’ daughters, between husbands an’ wives an’ it showed that language is no barrier. I thoroughly enjoyed the acting o’ the leading lady (Paz Vega) who was wondrous whether she was speakin Spanish or English an’ a surprisingly serious Sandler portrayed a drunk pretty well (That scene with him stumbling into the house and accidentally breaking the windchimes made me giggle! ). The scenes with him, Paz an’ the young actresses who portrayed their respective daughters were beautiful, while the scenes with his wife (played by Téa Leoni) and mum-in-law (Cloris Leachman) elicited tears as well as chuckles! In short, everything bout this movie was perfecto! It’s a must watch…..even if ya dunno Spanish and/or hate Adam Sandler!


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