Misadventures in the chemistry lab

Oh! The horrid chemical smell!
Handle the apparatus carefully! Our chemistry teacher yells
Advice unheard, as nearby, a conical flask shatters
Uh-oh! I hear the culprit- a student mutter
Pay up! I hear the lab assistant order
The student’s lucky that he didn’t break a burette or a pipette,
Those cost more and us clumsies haven’t broken those…..yet.
The chuckle of students can be heard over the bubbling of effervescent chemicals and Bunsen burners,
Mocking the student’s clumsiness!
I spilt acid on my finger once,
Dunno how I escaped injury…..though I think they heard my yowl in France!
Even the slight sound o’ a test tube cracking,
Elicites a great deal o’ cackling…an’ a whole lotta warnings!
Welcome to our chemistry lab with misadventures galore,
Cleaning up after these misadventures though, is quite a chore!

Based on true events that occur at my school. We,twelfth graders can be quite clumsy. Although, unlike my friends, I’ve a record of zero broken apparatus (sorry for the brag B-D) an’ I’m gonna be careful so it stays that way. Thanks for reading my silly poem 🙂


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