The (grading) System Sucks!

Don’t let grades rule your lives! According to me, grades are ridiculous…An’ so are the people who grade papers! I know, it’s not their fault, but could it kill em to have a heart while grading a paper?! I mean, they deduct marks for the silliest reasons. English teachers expect us to write the exact synonym of a particular word from the passage (we’re kids, not a bloody thesaurus, btw!) an’ if it doesn’t match the answer from their answer key, off with your grades! The graders expect you to write the answers word by word from the textbook an’ if you don’t, there go your grades! I mean,seriously? We’re humans, not robots! Some o’ us can’t write word by word, but we can frame our own answers. But, I guess that isn’t enough to earn a good grade, eh? It’s frustrating when you study really hard, stay up late an’ in the end someone comes along an’ deducts your grades just coz you weren’t by the book. Grades are a put down, especially for the weaker students. But, don’t let em put you down! Many great minds failed at school an’ some o’ em even had their ambitious dreams squashed by grades/graders an’ who says you need grades to be great? (Well, whoever says it is dead wrong, anyway! :-D) An’ for all o’ those who love rubbing their good grades in our faces (some o’ em turn out to be the biggest copycats in your class, btw xD), let em ask themselves if they study just to pass an’ make good grades….or coz they truly love the subject that they study? In my opinion,it’s useless if you study an’ forget all that you studied soon after the exam’s o’er an’ done with. I mean, what d’you gain? It’s certainly not knowledge, if you study just for the sake of passing. Just remember, knowledge is power an’ a bad grade isn’t the end o’ the world đŸ™‚

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