Monsoon and mixed feelings

I find that various people have various feelings towards the rain. Kids who tend to stay indoors an’ watch a lot o’ telly tend to curse the rains, since it’s the main cause o’ poor t.v. signals an’ power outages! Their parents on the other hand heave a sigh o’ relief, since they can now urge the bored kids to read a book (preferably with the help o’ candlelight/flashlights) or help around the house! Kids who spend their time outdoors a lot and amateur footballers love the rain! They can be seen kicking up plenty o’ muck along with the ball in the rains, while the lil ones can be seen enacting a miniature version o’ Pirates of the Caribbean with their paper boats in the puddles! They even enjoy sticking their tongues out to taste the raindrops, like they’re relishing a new delicacy! People on the road aren’t fans of it though. They curse it coz o’ all the traffic jams, potholes,flooded roads that they and their beloved vehicles have to go through coz o’ it!  Farmers, though, have mixed feelings towards the rain. They pray for a lotta rains so that their crops may flourish, but curse the same rain gods when there’s a heavy shower an’ all their crops are ruined! Well, love it or hate it, rain is an important part of everyone’s life an’ without it, this world wouldn’t exist. So, what’re your thoughts on the rain?

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