I’m a nominee!

Thanks to fellow Whovian  Maxwell Zwain (keep posting those awesome film reviews, bud!) for nominating me for the Leibster award (an award for bloggers, as I’ve found out after a quick Google search!) I’ve only been nominated once before. It was a Grammy nomination. Unfortunately, it was only a dream! (The dream ended with me winning an’ David Tennant presenting it to me! XD)
Enough rambling though. Here’s 11 facts about me, since every nominee has to post 11 facts about themselves:
1) My name’s Vidal D’costa.
2) I’m from Goa, India.
3) My hobbies are playing the piano,singing and writing on Wattpad & on Feedbooks.
4) I like to learn new languages in my free time (currently learning French and Gallifreyan on my own)
5) I’m an avid reader and an imaginative writer.
6) I love seafood.
7)My fav authors are Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, Stephen King and RL Stine.
8) I can’t stand Twilight and songs by Justin Bieber (apologies to the fans)
9) I love listening to music by The Proclaimers & Coldplay.
10) I’m a huge fan of the Tenth Doctor and the actor who plays him.
11) I like to blog, download movies and watch DW outtakes/short movies & tv shows starring DT on YouTube in my free time.
An’ here’s the 11 answers to Maxwell’s 11 questions (I’m enjoying this! It’s like I’m on a talk show, eh?;-D)
1. What’s your favorite book?
The room on the roof by Ruskin Bond
2. What’s your favorite movie/tv show?
– Fav. Tv show: MASH (Doctor Who is my second fav)
-Fav. movie: 3 Idiots (it’s a Bollywood movie)
3. Do you prefer heat or cold weather?
– Hot weather, since I get to eat as much ice cream as I want!
4. Have you ever been to Comic Con?
-Never 😦
5. Introvert or Extrovert?
-I was an introvert, but I’m gradually becoming an extrovert, thanks to my college chums.
6. Your favorite animal(s)?
– Do the Penguins of Madagascar count? ;-P Also, I love cats.
7. What is your best way to combat stress? Do you
stress easily?
– I don’t get stressed easily, but I do get bored easily! ;-P I only get stressed during exams. I love to listen to music and read jokes to combat stress.
8. Your favorite color?
– Blue
9. Who is your favorite comedian?
– Jim Gaffigan.
10. What is your least favorite season?
– Monsoon/rainy season, coz the rains invite a lotta creepy-crawlies into our house.
11. What inspired you to start blogging?
– I was inspired by my high school chums. They loved reading my stories and kept urging me to keep on writing and I ended up writing and sharing my stories on this blog!
Here’s 11 people who I’m nominating. They deserve to be nominated, coz o’ all the cool stuff they’ve shared  thru their blogs. Reading your blogs have saved me from boredom time and again, guys an’ gals! :
1)Iriz Chan Travel and Photography
2) Rebecca Asselin
3) Hallucinations of an angel
4) Escaping twenties
5) gabepastel
6) Playful memories
7) Unsolicited 2 cents
8) Amy Kasim
9) yaskhan66
11) And I didn’t look back
Here are your questions:
1) Who’s your role model?
2) Who’s your fav singer/band?
3) What d’you do when you’re bored?
4) Who’s your fav talk show host?
5) How old d’you think Ryan Seacrest is? (Just take a wild guess!)
6) What’s your fav horror movie?
7) What d’you like to watch on YouTube?
8) If you could be God for a day, what’re 3 things you’d like to do?
9) What superpower would you like to have ?  Would you use your superpower for good or evil?
10) What d’you like to do during a power outage?
11) Who’s your fav Scotsman? (can be a Scottish actor,actress,writer,scientist,etc.)
   *Ans. all questions (sorry if some o’ em seem silly! ), take your time an’ I look forward to reading your answers! 😀 Check out Maxwell Zain’s blog for more details & rules about the Liebster awards*


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