The Modern Legend of Dona Paula- 2

*Sorry for the delay. Here’s the second part of the modern retelling of a famous Goan legend.

A few months later, the news that Donald was cheating on her reached Dona’s ears, although her in-laws and parents refused to believe it. Instead, they urged her to pray that he returned home from sea safely! “You’ve been missing church on Sundays to protest with your newfound lover, while your husband slogs?! ” her mother scolded. “Are you kidding me?! He is cheating on me! ” Dona asked, in disbelief. “Our son would never do that! ” Donald’s mother defended her saintly son. “I have work to do. I don’t have time to argue with y’all! ” a fed up Dona exclaimed, before turning her back on them and leaving for the protest at Azad Maidan. “Our protests wouldn’t be a success without your slogans, my dear. I bought you a gift.” Paul thanked her, before gifting her a pearl necklace. “This must’ve been expensive! ” she exclaimed with a blush, as he clasped it around her neck. “You deserve it. Anything for the woman I love! ” he declared with a smile. “Oh…Paul, I love you too.” she whispered, pecking him on the cheek.
The happy couple continued their work ,undeterred by threats from Paul’s father and protests from Dona’s family who’re against their relationship. But their happiness was short lived. One night, as Paul finished up locking his office, he was kidnapped. “I warned you! ” his furious father growled. He motioned to his men to tie Paul up, before tossing him off the cliff into the sea! Meanwhile, an unaware Dona fumbled with her new necklace as she patiently waited for him at their usual restaurant (where they first had lunch). As he doesn’t show up, she decided to check at his office and later at his residence, but in vain. Suddenly, she saw his father’s car leaving from the scene of the crime. She smelt something fishy and hurried up the cliff as soon as the car disappeared around a bend. She looked on in horror as a drowning Paul struggled to stay afloat and fought against the current. She cried out for help, but as it was late at night, no-one heard her cries. She jumped in to save him. She grabbed on to him, but he slipped from her arms. He began to sink and she used all her strength and breath to pull him back up. Unfortunately, both of them succumbed to fatigue and the wrath of the sea. Their bodies were washed ashore the next day. The villagers mourned the death of the brave, rebellious couple and a statue was erected on the cliff in memory of Dona and Paul. Anderson Sr. was forced to shut shop and return to his hometown, England due to the constant protests.
Sometimes, fishermen returning from sea late at night catch a glimpse of a ghostly couple- a lady wearing pearls and a man with dimples- walking hand in hand on the shore, on a moonlit night, under the shade of the coconut trees, still protecting their beloved state, in spirit.
The End



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