Advice dished out by my teachers

1) Keep a spare career, for whenever your aspirations change or if they don’t pan out . I currently have 4 careers on my mind- Psychologist (‘coz I’m interested in studying the brain & mannerisms & stuff), actor (inspired by the extremely talented DT who’s likeable in any role. I hope to meet him someday. ),singer (I’ve a good voice) & writer/comic artist (I just love writing & why waste my imagination, right?) Remember, no job is big or small.
2) Pursue your passion/hobby while you’re still young. If you love writing,polish up your skills by blogging or writing on sites like wattpad and fastpencil like I do. If you love singing/dancing, enter contests (Who cares if you don’t win?! At least you’ll get noticed or get some experience)
3) Learn new stuff,preferably on your own  (actually, this one’s my own, since I’m always trying to learn new stuff when I’m bored with studying! ) Currently trying to learn French & to play guitar (who knows when it might come in handy,right? + it’s fun & interesting! )

Thanks to my Portuguese teacher for advice #2. She’s always asking us to make up stories which helps us to learn new words/phrases & also brings out our creative side. She also encourages us to open up about our passion. Everyday, we learn somethin new (about history,sports,tradition,music,etc) in her class! She doesn’t bother much about grades, as long as we understand the language & can write/speak it well.


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