Teen problems

Whenever you’re depressed or feel like it’s the end o’ the road for you, just ‘coz your grades suck or ‘coz you just broke up with someone, don’t keep it in an’ think,” I wanna die!” Just talk to someone about it. Talk to a friend/ family member who you’re closest to. Remember,grades aren’t everything. Take up a hobby an’ just be good at it. If you’re good at writing or playing/writing music,singing or dancing, continue with it! Continue with whatever you’re passionate about!  If your grades fall, you can always transform your passion into a career an’ perhaps a hobby can take your mind off that lost love too! Just don’t search for the fast way out. Don’t let anyone get you down. Teens aren’t sure about what they wanna be in the future, ‘coz they’re passionate about somethin like bein a writer/actor/singer, but their parents want em to pursue a ‘better’ career. Then, they aren’t able to cope, become stressed an’ just get confused! Follow your heart, your passion. Parents can be wrong sometimes!



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