How I started writing comics

I started writing comics in the fifth grade simply ‘coz I was bored. Had a free period that day , everyone was out playing or screaming & shouting & not listening to the class monitor! So I decided to draw stuff in my notebook. I drew a random guy with an afro wearing a gold chain & funky clothes & named him Disco-man & then I decided to write a comic about him…& I just couldn’t stop! I submitted the comics to my classmates & they loved it! But I hid them from my teachers & parents ‘coz I knew they’d think writing comics was a waste of time & kids are more fun than adults! I even wrote a Disco – man theme song which two of my classmates sang continuously to annoy the monitor! I kept writing comics & creating new characters. So far I’ve created characters like B-boy ( son of Disco-man), Retro girl , Teenage Crisis ( teen ghost hunters) , SuperTown ( a place sorta’ like S.H.I.E.L.D) & many more. My classmates have always supported me to keep writing comics ‘coz they like reading ’em & sharing ’em with other kids & I hope to publish the comic books I’ve written some day.


Cover of Teenage Crisis comic book


Cover of Disco-man comic book


Disco -man theme song


Sample of a Disco -man comic


Sample of a Teenage Crisis comic.


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